Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Love Perogy | 2155 Sooke Road | 250.889.6890 | http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Love-Perogy/270641853633

Basic Burger w/ Cheese

Cheese & Onion Slammers w/ Sweet Pickle
$2.50 each

Available 11:30-5:00PM Tuesday to Saturday

Adam's Grocery has its shirtless proprietor and stack of old VHS tapes; Doncaster its pre-Mulroney era Tom Collins mix and charmingly gauche Tic Tac containers unencumbered by freshness seals--but no corner store comes close to the excellence that is Colwood's Corona Foods.

Seriously, just look at that cereal selection. Not only do they have Pebbles, but also Cookie Crisp, S'Mores AND the highly elusive Churro cereal. This place isn't just a fucking corner store, it's an oasis of American cereal culture. They are also one of the last bastions of flavoured Bugles, and home to perhaps the best pop selection in the CRD (Mega Mart on Gorge being the only other place that even comes close).

Pictured Above: The Basic Burger w/ Cheese

I didn't think Corona Foods could get any better, but boyyyyyyyy was I "Dewey Defeats Truman" wrong. Now parked in the Corona lot is The Love Perogy-- a food truck which is possibly the only place in the CRD serving up real sliders.

Pictured Above: Cheese & Onion Slammer w/ Sweet Pickle

As A Hamburger Today has pointed out in the past: mini burgers are not sliders. So what separates the Love Perogy from all the shitty Victoria bar mini burgers masquerading as sliders? Wearing a mask on a stick doesn't make you fun and mysterious and putting a tiny bun on a bit of beef isn't the recipe for a slider. There's more to it than that.

The Love Perogy Basic Burger starts on the grill as a tennis ball-sized quarter pound of beef. Placed atop the beef is a mittful of onion. After a couple minutes the coquetish onion hat is smashed into the beef. Then you've got your seasoning, cheese and finally the bun put on top of the patty for about a minute as it finishes marinating in sweet, sweet onion juices. The slammers (or sliders) follow the same process (they're just smaller).

Despite liberal pressing on the grill, a bite into one of these burgers will leave your wrists enveloped in haute grease bracelets that will make you the envy of all your burger buds. The tantric entanglement of beef, fried onion, American cheese, pickles, mustard and ketchup is superb. New Jersey's legendary White Manna would be proud. ACCEPT NO IMITATIONS MOTHERFUCKERS! The Love Perogy is the only place in the CRD where you can get that classic slider taste.

VERDICT: The best, and maybe only, true sliders you can find in our area. Perogies are damn good too.