Saturday, August 31, 2013

Tartan Toque | 1507 Pandora Avenue (Stadacona Centre) | 778.265.9464 |

Bacon Cheeseburger

Oooo what do we have here? Is that a bacon cheeseburger? It is! And it comes on a custom bun! Well well, perhaps I should try it. I mean I'm here already and I do like bacon cheeseburgers. You go ahead and get wings though. I'm just gonna go ahead and do my burger thing! Hahaha, you know me!

Hmmm. Doesn't taste half bad. Is that custom bun sourdough? Kinda tastes like it. And there appear to be some breadcrumb binding this patty. Someone's been reading Gourmet Magazine! I'm just gonna have a few bites here while you're waiting for those wings. I mean what am I gonna do, sit here and watch my meal go cold!

Oh, looks like your wings are here. Are you enjoying them? Sooooooooooo messy! What's that? Oh yah my burger still tastes fine. I mean we have kind of a like relationship not a love relationship. Know what I mean? Are you almost ready to go? I'm ready to go. We'd better go get some exercise to burn off this meal. Don't wanna get fat! Hahaha.

VERDICT: Above average, below classic.

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