Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hawk's Nest Pub | Bamfield, BC | 226 Frigate Road | 250.728.3422

Bacon Cheeseburger

Much more notable for its location than its burger; the Hawk's Nest is a bit of an oddity. The nest is perched on the second floor of a pretty dumpy looking motel called Bamfield Trails. A quick glance at the front of the building and you'd think the pub sign on the street corner was a canard. There is no awning marking the pub entrance, no "RIGHT THIS WAY TO BEERS" arrow to guide your way--the nest just sits there, hoping you'll find it if you look hard enough. Somehow we found our way in through the (unmarked) exit. It wasn't so much difficult to find as it was just odd that there wasn't a clearer path.

The Hawk's Nest backyard.
Anyhoooo, all this expository nonsense is just a way of padding this review. This burger is both inoffensive and unexciting. The patty is pre-fab and probably frozen. The unit itself is the same as myriad other pub burgers. It'll fill you up nicely, but it won't leave you wanting more. And that's all I have to say about that.

VERDICT: A kind of neat bar in an unexpected location, but the burger ain't worth taking a road trip for.


Anonymous said...

Never been here but planning a camping trip in not too long up that way will make sure to stop in!

Samwise Gamgee said...

I just moved and I am always looking for good restaurants in Victoria, BC to try out. Thanks for the post!