Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Big Chains Wiped From Vic News Top Burger List for 2013

Victoria News released their annual "Best of the City" readers' poll results last week, and for the first time ever there are no fast food joints or off-island chains on the list.

Here's da winners:

1. Bin 4
2. Pink Bicycle
3. Bigwheel

So Bin 4 and Pink Bike maintain their positions from last year and Bigwheel knocks off Red Robin. Are these three spots the best places to get burgers in Victoria? I don't think so, but let's take a second to gaze upon the past and see how far we've come. Back in 2008 this is what the "Best of the City" list looked like:

1. White Spot
2. A&W
3. Red Robin

We've come a long way folks. Bin 4, Pink Bike and Bigwheel may not be the best of the best, but they are a fuckload better than A&W (girls: if your man ever brings you to A&W, steal his car and leave him in the parking lot). If nothing else, the Victoria News list indicates that burger lovers in the ol' land of flowers and old farts actually have options in 2013.

Now as I mentioned, I'm not sure the options they listed are necessarily the best ones. Bigwheel was pretty underwhelming on my last trip (although, like an idiot, I bought a single instead of a double). I haven't been to Pink Bike in ages because they're wildly inconsistent and the buns, though great, are kind of shit when it comes to providing good bun:burger ratio (I still stand by Pink Bike's daily soups as the most under-appreciated in the city though). Bin 4 consistently pumps out tasty burgers. Do they provoke wild excitation? No, but they satisfy more than 80-90% of the other burgers available in town.

So what's in my top 3?

1. Love Perogy
2. Love Perogy
3. Love Perogy

The Love Perogy is the only spot in town that serves up anything that even remotely resembles an authentic slider. In a sea of pretenders, they are the real deal. Aside from maybe Refiner Diner, which is still good even if the patties seem drier now than when the truck first opened, LP makes the only burgers in the CRD that I feel like eating every week. Bin 4, Pink Bike and Bigwheel are simulacras of burger culture. The Love Perogy IS burger culture.

And that's all I have to say about that.