Friday, April 12, 2013

Guy Alaimo Special 5th Anniversary Cameo Appearance

AWWWWWWWWWWWWW SHIT SON. Who's that over there on the airwaves, I can't hear real good. BOOM BABY! It's Guy Alaimo back freakin' out the normos who don't know how to handle people with personality.

Terry Moore and Co. over on CFAX-a-roony were jawin' about burgers this afternoon. After hearing some old dude drone on about how his wife enjoys White Spot, I figured things needed a little shaking up. So I asked Guy to place a call (he's always been more entertaining on radio than I am).

Anywayyyyyyy, here's the result. Look out for Terry letting out a very loud, very awkward fake laugh in order to cut Guy off before things get toooooooooo crazzzzy. Then the following caller drops' a "WHAT'S IN HIS COFFEE???!!" bomb. Ugh.

ps. Guy has a new blog. He's not talking about food (yet), but he does have a delicious new haircut I'm sure you'll all enjoy.

pps. For those wondering, consensus from CFAX listeners is White Spot is awesome and you should go there.

ppps. Terry likes Seaglass Waterfront Grill in Sidney, which actually looks like it might be decent.


Anonymous said...

"Shufflin', shufflin', shufflin'..."

- HM

Jason Strong said...

Thanks for sharing! My wife and I are going to be coming through there, and have been wanting to stop at a pub in Victoria before we leave. We will have to look at this one. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...