Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Five Long Years . . .

Saturday marked the fifth anniversary of the Victoria Burger Blog. We said hello to the world on March 23, 2008 and posted our first review, of Mrs. Riche's Mountain Burger, on the 25th.

Since that fateful March day we have gone on to conquer local, provincial and national media and review approximately 200+ different burgers. Things aren't as active here as they used to be, but we aren't done yet (even though some of you would probably like us to be).

Thanks to all our readers--especially the few of you who still subscribe via RSS. Email vicburgers [at] gmail [dot] com for info on where to send anniversary gifts. The fifth year is wood or silverware, so send us a fork or a hunting decoy painted like a burger or something.

L'Authentique Poutine and Burger | Langford Canadian Tire Parking Lot | www.facebook.com/LAuthentiquePoutineAndBurger


Just like your favourite teen drama; L'Authentique Poutine and Burger is back after a long hiatus. Will the cheeseburger get an abortion? When will everybody find out the poutine has started drinking again? And will Wilke ever come back from boarding school to rock out with Guitar Face again?

Questions, questions, questions eh? Howzabout some answers huh! Like how is L'Authentique doing after rising like a Phoenix from the ashes of a fire that claimed its old truck back in September? Doing a'ight as far as I can tell. Truck looks great and people are swarming it, but this is a burger blog--not a truck and patron review blog (maybe that's the next project).

L'Authentique's cheeseburger is a pretty spot-on A&W Teen Burger clone. The only difference is LP&B don't use a sesame seed bun.

Not much more to report here, other than the fact there is a poutine burger on the menu. Didn't get a look at it, but if they actually use full-size french fries and not shoestring fries (the wannabes of the fry world), it's likely better than the other pout burg offerings in the CRD.

VERDICT: Would go down nicely with a root beer shake.