Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Refiner Diner | 1917 Quadra Street (Corner of Quadra and Caledonia) | 250.884.5643 |

Crispy Cheeseburger
(Only available Wednesday-Saturday 11:30-3:00PM)

I'm sorry I haven't wrote you in a while. It's not that I don't love you anymore. It's just . . .

The excitement is gone from our relationship. Five years ago everything was new. There was hope that maybe we really could make it together. Maybe there really was an amazing burger out there in Victoria somewhere that no one knew about and we were gonna find it together. "Damn them all!" we said. They told us Victoria wasn't a burger town, but we knew our love was strong enough to change that.

And for a moment the love felt so real. It grew inside us and spread across the rest of the city like a C difficile outbreak spreads through a senior citizen's home on the gossamer intestines of withering grandmas (or like awkward similes spring forth from this blog). Burger joints were poppin' up like teenage boners. There's a time in life when you see a window to your future open and ours was a window to communal burger lust. A window bathing us in the light of true love's unceasing luminescence. And then. Suddenly. Without warning. It was all gone. There were no more burgers to be excited about. The love was gone and we were left wailing to the great burger spirit, "WHY DO YOU DELIGHT IN TORTURING ME?"

But true love lingers. When things get tough, all it needs is an accelerant. The Refiner Diner's Crispy Cheeseburger may be the accelerant needed to rekindle the fires of our true burger love.

This is a fantastic burger. It's name comes from the coy skirt of salty, crusted cheddar that clings to the juicy patty like starry-eyed young table chairs cling to the dream of one day growing up and becoming Barcaloungers. The Crispy Cheeseburger is a little more restrained than the famous Squeeze Burger, which is likely its inspiration, but that's ok. From the tangy pickles to the well-picked brioche bun and tasty house sauce--this is one of the most finely crafted burgers in Victoria. The love is back, baby.

VERDICT: Rivals Bubby's Kitchen as my current favourite in town.