Saturday, September 1, 2012

Relish Food and Coffee | 920 Pandora Avenue | 250.590.8464 |

Relish Burger
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Well lick a cricket and hump a moose! It's been a while, hasn't it? Mahfuckin Telus had me on an internet wait list for like two months. What's the deal Telus? Why were you all holding me back from the internet? Had me feelin' like some jabroni waitin' in line for the club. Nobody thinks you're cool Telus. You don't need to be velvet ropin' bitches to create some sort of illusion of popularity.

Right. Anyway. Let's talk about a burger shall we.

You see that burger up there ^ ? That my friends is the most elusive burger in all of Victoria. This burger is on some serious Sasquatch shit. Sightings of it are so rare that I had questioned whether it even still existed. Since December 2011 it appears to have made it onto the menu at Relish only four times. They teased us in July saying they planned to make the burger a regular Saturday special, yet here we are with no confirmed sightings since July 17 (as far as I know). I'm starting to think, like pagans, this burger only comes out with the changing of the seasons.

It's unfortunate the Relish Burger isn't a regular menu item. It's pretty darn good. Picture the offering at the EdGe, except this actually tastes like a burger instead of a sandwich. The homemade focaccia looks like it has no business working, but it's actually pretty decent. The sprinkles of fennel in the patty make for a really unique touch as well. I'm usually not too crazy about patty seasoning that goes beyond salt and pepper, but Relish manages to pull it off without being all dry and disgusting. Actually, believe it or not, this is one of the juicier burgers I've had in Victoria.

Like the chocolate cinnamon buns at Patisserie Daniel, I fear I may never see this burger again. Oh well. Try to remember the good times, right?

VERDICT: Top 5? Definitely worthy of consideration.


Anonymous said...

Nice to see a 14 year-old skateboarder with the sideways ball cap taking care of reviews now...

Dawrin said...

glad you're back, donald!

gluten free pies said...

If you want to seriously control the amount of fat you're getting in a burger, it's easy to make your own ground beef using the grinding attachment on a stand mixer or chopping it in a food processor.

Luka Magnotta said...

I prefer human burgers