Monday, July 2, 2012

Aura Redux Pt.2

The Best Burger
(has now been replaced by the "Aura Burger" for $15)

I'm sorry. For all the times in the last two years I've recommended Aura's burger to you, I'm sorry. I'm sorry for touting it in national and local newspapers and I'm sorry for not doing another redux sooner. 

When I first met this burger in 2008 it was easily the best I'd ever encountered in Victoria. There were few that even came close. For years whenever I was asked, "Where's the best burger in Victoria?" I would exclaim "Aura" faster than a French rooster screeches "cocorico" at sunrise. I imagine the initial name change of Aura's burger from "The Point" to "The Best" was likely due to the accolades given by this blog. 

To mangle a well-known poem immortalized by The Outsiders: this burger's first hue was awesome, but now it's kinda lame . . . so much for a burger gold staying. Yikes, that was terrible. Remind me to never re-appropriate poems for this blog ever again.

You know when you have a MASSIVE crush on a girl and then you don't see her for a couple of years and then when you see her again she's lost a little lustre? Maybe she's kinda overweight and she looks bored with life. Suddenly she's just another girl, and it's sad because the mystique is gone. You've been robbed of a daydream. What was once magic is now a lounge act. That's how I feel about this burger now. I was crushing hard and now I don't really care anymore. And goddamn if it isn't a little devastating when something magical disappears. 

Perhaps the new "Aura Burger" has brought Aura back to it's rightful spot atop the burger heap in Victoria, but I have my doubts. For now I guess I'll just sulk and remember what was. We had some good times Aura, sorry you had to grow old.

VERDICT: I guess the deluxe at Bubby's Kitchen is my go-to burger recommendation now.


pet food said...

I think I found the best burger in town. Delicious burger at reasonable price ever.

Luka Magnotta said...

I prefer Chinese