Sunday, July 15, 2012

Are These the Best Burger Spots in Victoria?

Once again the people of the CRD have spoken (or at least the people of the CRD who read Black Press publications have spoken). What hath they bespoke, you may ask? This will be nothing new for a lot of people. But here, for those who missed, are this year's Victoria News Best of the City picks for Best Burger:

1. Bin 4 Burger Lounge
2. The Pink Bicycle
3. Red Robin

There ya have it! Sorry Bigwheel! Try again next year. Bin 4 deservedly knocks Pink Bike from the top spot as a list that was once dominated by fast food and chain joints, now features only one. Just to provide a counterpoint, here are my top three of the moment:

1. Bubby's Kitchen
2. Bin 4
3. ... kind of undecided now that Aura is blahzay, and I haven't tried the new menu at Veneto yet. Eh, maybe I'll go with Carnarvon Park.

ps. Best of the City quotes me in an article about Victoria's burger boom. Page 27. Find it here.


Susanne said...

I'd agree with Bin4 being at the top of our mediocre burger scene, but not Pink Bike (though to be fair, I haven't been to PB in over a year, after getting fed up with the inconsistency of their food and the snotty service).

What about Jackalope? Maybe not "gourmet" but always a fresh, tasty, filling burger at a good price, plus lots to choose from for my vegetarian friends.

Was Big Wheel even in the running? LOL. Their burgers are just terrible. I don't know why people continually go there when Bubby's Kitchen just steps away does a burger & fries 100x better for the same price.

Anonymous said...

Another vote for Jackalope. Cheap and delicious, so much better than anything else in it's pricerange.

Bin4 is a great replacement for PB, better food better service.

Lu Ling Yien said...

i love burger too..

Mrs. Jong-un said...

Pho Vy trumps all

Quizmaster Zero said...

So far my personal favorite is at Smith's pub.

And while Vic still lacks true burger fire power, I can think of a few that are much better then Red Robin. The mushroom swiss that Red Robin serves is as boring as possible, and while their other ones look and taste pretty good, It feels like im trapped in "Problem Child 2" the moment i walk through the door. Gotta feel for that bartender.

bigdaddya-ron said...

Red robin is boring and the same old same old. french fries are horrible. I want a fantastic burger!!!!!!!! WHERE ART THOU ????

Anonymous said...

Yup, Big Wheel burgers are the WORST! Bin 4 is great, has gluten free versions as well as wrapping your burg in lettuce, love that place!

Anonymous said...

I found bin 4 terrible, meat was really greasy and tasted rancid. Yuck. I didn't eat more than 2 bites. Pink bike wipes the floor with bin 4 , also, the pizza hut decor and skinny waitresses in black dresses... Not my scene