Saturday, May 19, 2012

Red Kettle | 2630 Bridge Street | 250.388.3966


*Sigh* 'Tis a sad day when one is content--even relieved--when met by what is bland. But such is where I find myself now in life, or at the very least it's the spot I was placed in while having a mid-work mange at Red Kettle Restaurant.

I've had so many devastatingly disappointing meetings with other burgers lately, that I truly was slightly soothed when the patty here was revealed as utterly flavourless. Yes my friends, this is where I am now in my burger reviewing career (if you can call it that)--praying against the putrid and never expecting true burger bliss.

Ok, so I'm being a tad dramatic. Seriously those folks, it seems life is more about dodging dodgy patties these days than it is discovering Valhalla in burger form.

Bromide, while not gallivanting around as a binary compound of bromine, sometimes lends it's name as a slang term to describe people devoid of personality. This burger from Red Kettle is pretty much bromide--it's not offensive or unpleasant, but it sure ain't exciting either.

Red Kettle's cheeseburger could be good. Heck, it could even be great. Improve or change the patty and you've basically got the supremely satisfying type of cheapo burger you find at ballparks around the CRD. For now, however, it's just bland.

VERDICT: Awesome diner atmosphere, maybe even a decent breakfast. The burger, however, is senior citizen's centre bland.


helen said...

HOW did they not take the time to melt the cheese slice? rookie mistake.

Ruby Heartstealer said...

Try the burger with house music. It'll taste, look, and feel better.

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