Saturday, December 10, 2011

Jawin' on Dem Airwaves With CBC Radio

CBC Burger Blog Invu

Well it took me long enough to get this online eh? On the Island rang me up about two weeks ago to talk about the recent explosion of burger restaurants in Victoria. This interview isn't nearly as entertaining as the one Guy of the Buffet Blog did about three years ago (if I can find it I might re-up it), but maybe you'll enjoy it anyway. The last 30s or so of the interview were lost in the recording process. They were totally boring anyway.

On a related note--we've been getting a lot of anonymous comments regarding Bigwheel lately. About 90% of them are useless because they bash the french fries, but make no comments whatsoever about the burgers. I'll make a Bigwheel trip sometime soon. Just waiting for them to iron out any wet-around-the-ears kitchen issues.

That's all for now. Apologies for the lack of reviews lately. My two biggest burger buds don't live in town any more, so I don't get out as much as I used to.


Jen said...

was excited to catch that interview as I woke up that morning! good job!

was even more excited when you linked to my twitter post about the bigwheel menu. your blog is pretty much directly responsible for inspiring me start mine... (well, it's between you and largelythetruth but I think you came first!). plus, i was drinking at the time so the excitement was extra profound... ;)

ps I've been delaying my bigwheel posts for similar reasons, but LOVED the burger I had the first day. fills the craving for mcd cheeseburgers neatly

-- jen of victorian food

Plato said...

Each burger has it's own philosophy?


nyrB said...

If the bigwheel burgers are of the level of McD cheeseburgers (and sold for $7 apiece), I will *happily* avoid that establishment. The last time I liked McD cheeseburgers was when I was 5.

David said...

He's got you there Jen.