Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bigwheel Burger Teaser Menu

Check it out and get excited! Looks like they're keeping the menu niiiiceeeee and simple at Bigwheel. $13.50 for burger, fries and shake? Not bad. Not as good as the $12 they originally intended that combo to be, but not bad.

ps. Thanks to @VictorianFood on Twitter for originally posting this photo.


Anonymous said...

$13.50 combo includes tax so same as $12.00 price intended

Anonymous said...

Why do they call it soda on the menu? I've never heard anyone here call it that. Our USAmerican cousins use that term, but here it's pop. Why USizes a Canadian hamburger joint...or is this some crumby chain/franchise junk?

vireviews said...

Mmmmm I could go for a nice burger right about now!

Anonymous said...

Big Wheel Burger opens for business tomorrow at 11am. See you soon!

Anonymous said...

Twas a great burger, mmmmm, but fries a little budget, not homemade.

suzanne said...

I agree, ridiculous price for the fries, they are frozen crinkly fries and not even a huge serving. You could buy an entire bag at Thriftys for the same price.

I liked the cheeseburger a lot but couldn't tell if the cheese was a processed slice (I suspect it was, ugh). Fresh toppings, at least.

All told, $14 for a burger + frozen fries + cup of fountain pop... not the greatest value to be honest.

Anonymous said...

For all the hype that preceded big wheel's opening I found it to be mediocre at best..check it out for yourself and see

Anonymous said...

Agree, I can go to the concession at a minor hockey game and get those generic fries. Hope they change 'em up.

Jude said...

Went there last night. Glad it is in the village and I am sure I will go again. But the fries were mediocre, the burger was good but I don't think I would put it ahead of Burger King, Wendy's or A&W. IMHO it was not as good as Bin4 by a longshot. Bin4 I paid the same price, but got service, atmosphere and free kettle chips to start the evening. I know the ingredients are top notch, the owners (local) take this all very seriously but that is a lot of dough for McD's atmosphere.

Anonymous said...

I really wanted to like it, but our cheese burger, veggie burger and fries were just ordinary. The energy was pretty hyper at 5:30 this evening when we went. Everyone working there was super pleasant, but it's pretty clear that they are a little overwhelmed and the processes aren't very smooth yet. Afterwards we agreed that we would have had a much better meal at Foo for about the same money. I wish them well and might try it again in 6 months or so, when it's settled down and quality has improved, but can't say that we got a burger worth the $7.50 we paid. Jackalope is much better.

David said...

Donald! Where's your review?

(BTW enjoyed your Monday article on cassette culture!)

Anonymous said...

It's very annoying that their debit machine asks how much tip you want to add to your bill.

Part of the acknowledged deal with "fast food" is that you don't get any service (other than taking your order and cooking your food for you). Big Wheel is openly billing itself as "fast food", and yeah, the customer does everything from picking up their food to pouring their own drinks to clearing their own table. So what's the tip supposed to be for?

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Michael said...

Must admit when I heard who was involved and that you had done some travelling to experience other burger concepts, my expectations were heightened.

The good: Antiobiotic and hormone-free beef and the bun. Also, the addition of the hot peppers as a condiment.

The negative: Burger was really just OK, lettuce and tomato were wilted and for $7.50 not worth it. A sharp cheddar would be good. The first look at the french fries and I knew they were not done in-house (hand-cut and twice cooked) and as soon as I tasted them I knew I would not finish them. On my way out I asked what kind of potatoes were used and he said McCain. After hearing what kind of potatoes were used and while eating my burger witnessing a cook carry a plasctic tub of Island Farms or Dairyland whey-powder infused trashy ice cream to the kitchen - I am disappointed. Can't say I will be recommending this place.

C'mon guys, you have a reputation in town for doing it up right and I know you just opened, so I will try again in three months.

Anonymous said...

What is withj all of those stand alone single3 reviews just raving about how great it is!!! An the latest response from one of the owners is just insulting!!! How arrogant he is and how stupid the customer must be if you dont get their concept! You mad bro!


Bif the Burger Baron said...

I have been so hyped about Big Wheel. The creative minds behind this burger project sounded like a dream team coming together to make my favorite nihilistic meal in my own backyard!

When my girlfriend gave it the first go and came back thumbs down i waved her off like surely she didn't know a good burger and fries if it slapped her in the face. she confidently smirked and said "you'll see".

Her confidence hit a nerve of fear inside me but I went in desperately wanting to at least be satisfied so i could go home with a smack down rebuttal.

I'm sad to say she was right. BIG letdown on all fronts.

Fries (which are apparently the "approved" version were not worth me finishing them and WAY overpriced for what you get.

Milkshake was boring. good consistency (upside down thick), but poor chocolate flavouring. At $5 their pricing is great, but finding the right ingredients to make this memorable shake shouldn't require taking on higher costs.

Burger tasted like glorified McDonalds. I swear the bun was stolen from Rotten Ronald's supplier. lettuce and tomato were fresh and the beef was decent, but like $5 burger decent...not $7.50. maybe the best part was the good hit of mayo i got every other bite, but a good burger shouldn't leave you yearning for the taste of mayo.

ALL in all i paid $14 for an underwhelming experience. Shop looked great inside, staff was good (if not too many of them), but i left ready to cry.

i crawled back home and bowed before the significant other with a humble "you were right".

Back to the drawing board boys. total facelift needed and you better come out swinging this time. With a name like Zambri behind this burger front I expect to be impressed.

Melanie said...

Meh, it was just "okay". Not worth the $11.50 for burger, fries and a tiny pop. Yes it's refillable, but why the puny size? Not much selection (no chicken option) and not many seats. I only see this as an alternative to the subway if you already happen to be in cook st village - I don't see anyone making a special trip to the village just to eat here. Not after having just left Fatburger. OMG. Now that place left me impressed!

Liz said...

Could have been great. However ... we've been twice and both times it's just meh. My veggie burgers are boring, taste like oatmeal. Like what a baby would order if babies liked veggie burgers. The pickles are too small and really bland. Our chips were boring and my friend's chip came with complimentary hair in it. My friend has had the beef burger both times and it was thin and not very interesting looking. I thought the buns were atrocious. Next time we'll try Bubbe's down the road. For an amazing burger, beef and veggie, try Barb's in Ganges. Wow! The owners of this place should try out Barb's burgers to see how it should be done. Similar price point, world of difference in taste and quality.

Anonymous said...

Just got home after trying a cheesebuger at Big Wheel.
I must say I expected better.
The burger was essentially tasteless, although the hot mustard that came on it pretty well obliterated any semblance of taste anyway.
Strangely enough, the fries were OK,not stellar, but OK.
Don't know if I will bother in the future, I've had much better tasting burgers at other places.
Somewhat dissapointing.