Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bubby's Kitchen | 355 Cook Street | 250.590.8915 |

Deluxe Burger

My goodness gracious, what do we have here? I can't believe it. This burger is actually pretty fuckin' good. Look at that cheese up there, will you? It ain't sweaty, it ain't zapped to a crust: it's just straight up on a Goldilocks tip.

The Pemberton Meadows beef used for the patty? It's potentially the best B.C. beef I've ever had in a burger. I know that's a bold statement, maybe I need to double check it, but it was seriously almost Alberta good.

The bun? It could have been toasted a little more, but talk about fresh. There aren't many burger buns in town that come fresher than this one (Aura and Pink Bike would be its closest rivals).

The sauce? It's a basil & shallot aioli that tastes great, but is probably better suited to fish. Either way, at least it was applied to the bun correctly (in big globs).

Have I given you enough information on this one? Yes? Ok? Great, now go out and try it.

VERDICT: I've had crushes on more Bubby's Bakery counter girls than I count. Now I have a crush on their burger too.


Anonymous said...

Tried bubbys kitchen a few weeks ago after reading this review. We were very disappointed. The deluxe burger was dry and flavourless, and the teeny tiny veggie burger was bland. I'm not sure if staff recognize the critic here and present a better than norm meal, but the experience we had was a big let down. Won't be back. - Tara

Dao Gahhd said...

Loved the burger, good reccomendation