Thursday, September 1, 2011

Yet Another New Burger Joint Opening Soon in Victoria

Mafia Burger opens September 8th in what was once the Traveller's Inn at 1961 Douglas Street (now it's the Capital City Center Hotel). They'll be using island beef from The Village Butcher in Oak Bay. Here's hoping they'll also be using bacon from VB neighbours The Whole Beast.

Here are some of the more interesting and exciting options that will be on their menu when they open:

Tarantino – Smoked bacon, cream cheese and….. peanut butter 12
The Godfather – Eggs benedict....on a burger. 13
The Capone – Peanut Butter, bacon, jack cheese, fried onion & battered jalapenos 13

Oh yah, they've also challenged DJs at the Zone to engage in a rap battle. Hottest 16 gets a burger named after them. Clever marketing ploy Mafia Burger. I salute you.

Here's Jon Williams entry in the battle.


Burger Don said...

The Tarantino, Capone, and Jimmy The Swine have all been hugely successful. We appreciate the salute...burger blog.
Here's to the beef, come on down to Mafia Burger and have a taste for yourself.
The Mafia Burger

Fehgett Aboudit.

Ed Sum said...

Be warned, their complete menu is NOT available on certain nights (i.e. hockey game nights at Sopranos). I was tempted to leave and come back another day. :P