Sunday, September 4, 2011

Moderne Boob Tube

Vancouver's Moderne Burger is being used as a filming location for Fox's new show Alcatraz. Look for Moderne on your TV screens sometime on a Monday night in 2012 between 9 and 10pm.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Yet Another New Burger Joint Opening Soon in Victoria

Mafia Burger opens September 8th in what was once the Traveller's Inn at 1961 Douglas Street (now it's the Capital City Center Hotel). They'll be using island beef from The Village Butcher in Oak Bay. Here's hoping they'll also be using bacon from VB neighbours The Whole Beast.

Here are some of the more interesting and exciting options that will be on their menu when they open:

Tarantino – Smoked bacon, cream cheese and….. peanut butter 12
The Godfather – Eggs benedict....on a burger. 13
The Capone – Peanut Butter, bacon, jack cheese, fried onion & battered jalapenos 13

Oh yah, they've also challenged DJs at the Zone to engage in a rap battle. Hottest 16 gets a burger named after them. Clever marketing ploy Mafia Burger. I salute you.

Here's Jon Williams entry in the battle.

Corner Cafe & Deli | 734 Aldebury Street | Esquimalt | 250.590.7997

Deluxe Burger
$8 (Combo w/Fries)
$6 (Solo)

As a kid, trips to Chilliwack were synonymous with Taco Time. Trips to Taco Time eventually became synonymous with stomach aches. Drinking cream sodas the size of killer whale tanks apparently isn't the best thing for your health when you're a 9-year-old. Whatever. Taco Time meat seasoning, Mexi-Fries and Crustos were the height of modern culinary achievement as far as my little mind was concerned. Fuck a stomach ache: load up the tray.

It is my history with Taco Time that makes me fond of this offering from Corner Cafe & Deli. A recent article on the eatery pointed to the burger as a signature item of the Ukrainian couple that run the place. Eastern Europeans must love their cheap Mexican fast food, because this burger tastes almost exactly like it was spiced with a package of Taco Time fajita seasoning. That might put people off, but I dug it.

What really makes this package great value for money is the fact it is cooked masterfully temperature-wise. You can't really tell from the picture, but there is the slightest shade of pink to the meat. Just enough to make a true burger lover happy, while not making the average idiot scream in horror because they think they're eating "undercooked" meat. Seriously people—restaurants that serve burgers in the medium range are not trying to kill you.

What else is there to mention here? A well-placed bit of pickle adds a bit of vibrancy to the unit (believe it or not), and the always crowd-pleasing American cheddar is present. The kaiser is nice and soft, and the mayo/red onion/lettuce mix is appropriately simple. I'd definitely go back for this one. Certainly near the top of the charts when it comes to cheapo Victoria burgers.

VERDICT: Easily better than Bimo across the street. I've got a mad Taco Time craving now though.