Monday, July 18, 2011

Oystercatcher Seafood Bar and Grill | 104 Manson Road | 250.537.5041


Perhaps it was just the deliciousness of another Canucks seventh-game Stanley Cup defeat seeping into the burger, but this was pretty good fare coming from what could have easily emerged as a waterfront tourist trap. Whooo, did you get through that sentence without having to take too many breaths? Excellent! Now that I've made fun of my own sentence structure, let's zip through this review shall we?

Most idiots think bigger=better with burger patties, but Oystercatcher knows the truth is more=better. Instead of serving up a monster half-pound patty that would no-doubt end up dryer than death valley dirt, they give you two quarter pound patties. This allows for the same amount of gorging would a monster patty have been present, while ensuring the burger is not too dry. Clever n'est pas?

The bun:burger ratio may have been off, but at least that bun was toasted to perfection.

And that's all I have to say about that.

VERDICT: A decent nibble if you're on a June vacation to SSI

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Anonymous said...

Couldn't get anyone to replenish the soap in the bathroom. I asked 3 different staff over a period of time, including my server, twice. She said she didn't know how to replenish it and rudely indicated she had no intentions of doing anything about it. A restaurant with no soap in the bathrooms?!? Are the employees even washing their hands?

Next the server told me there was a bathroom downstairs, but it was only a single and in use. I finally got another staff downstairs to replace the soap, and then the first staff I'd informed of the problem asked me if I got it fixed as if it was somehow my responsibility and not hers.

Aside from not being able to wash-up, the staff seemed over-worked, and it took a very long time for our food to come. Some of the grilled food was burned to a thick, dark black too.

This place has a nice view and atmosphere, but don't let that entice you. There are better options nearby.