Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Old Triangle Irish Alehouse | 89 University Avenue | Charlottetown, PE | 902.892.5200 |

Canadian Bacon and Egg Burger

P.E. Island has a beef industry. Who knew? Well the cows for one—farmers too. I am not, however, a cow or a farmer, and therefore the P.E.I. cattle industry was completely unknown to me until recently. I'm glad I've been brought into the light.

I don't believe The Old Triangle entered the inaugural P.E.I. Burger Love sweepstakes this year. If they didn't, the amount of restaurants using local beef on P.E.I. is amazing (well over a dozen, most in Charlottetown). I made a brave attempt to try the burger at Merchantman Pub, one of the Burger Love winners, but the line-up was too long, and my sister assured me it wouldn't have been worth the wait (not only was the line-up long, but restaurants in Charlottetown seem to have notoriously slow kitchens).

The Canadian Bacon and Egg Burger is no award winner, but man is that local beef good. The char-grilled patty is a brawny bastard that heroically manages to mount an inspiring flavour rebellion against the shitty bun that acts as its oppressor. Repeatedly the patty is attacked by the devils of poor burger construction, but nothing can kill it: not a lack of condiments (mayo and mustard), not the largely unnoticeable Swiss cheese and back bacon (done peameal style)—nothing.

I'm not going to get all loopy and say P.E.I. beef beats what Alberta has to offer, but it makes a better patty than the majority of Vancouver Island cattle I've sampled. Too bad The Old Triangle's lil' soldier of a patty isn't surrounded by better troops.

VERDICT: Great patty, average burger.

ps. Dear Helen: Why did you take me to a chain restaurant to get a burger?

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pig/Zambri's Burger Joint Has a Name: Bigwheel Burger

Times Colonist has all the details. Also an update on Fatburger, and news of a Burger King coming to downtown.

This quote from one of the Bigwheel proprietors is bang on:

"It would seem that there are a lot of places to go for burgers in the city, but for a really good burger, there's only a few," said Calen (Bigwheel) McNeil, one of the partners from Zambri's.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Confirmed: Gourmet Burger Joint Headed for Cook Street Village

Yep, these are exciting times we live in people! Zambri's is opening a gourmet burger joint in Cook Street Village where the old laundromat is. This little dream come true will be open in approximately three months if everything goes according to plan.

The only way life can get better now is if Breaking Bad kills off Skyler.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Oystercatcher Seafood Bar and Grill | 104 Manson Road | 250.537.5041


Perhaps it was just the deliciousness of another Canucks seventh-game Stanley Cup defeat seeping into the burger, but this was pretty good fare coming from what could have easily emerged as a waterfront tourist trap. Whooo, did you get through that sentence without having to take too many breaths? Excellent! Now that I've made fun of my own sentence structure, let's zip through this review shall we?

Most idiots think bigger=better with burger patties, but Oystercatcher knows the truth is more=better. Instead of serving up a monster half-pound patty that would no-doubt end up dryer than death valley dirt, they give you two quarter pound patties. This allows for the same amount of gorging would a monster patty have been present, while ensuring the burger is not too dry. Clever n'est pas?

The bun:burger ratio may have been off, but at least that bun was toasted to perfection.

And that's all I have to say about that.

VERDICT: A decent nibble if you're on a June vacation to SSI

Thursday, July 14, 2011

New Design

Somebody finally complained, so I finally changed the design of the blog. Goodbye turquoise night.


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Burger Rumours

Hearing lots of whispers on Twitter these days. Gourmet burger lounge opening at Yates and Vancouver next to the Pizza Hut? Pig and Zambris co-running an eatery in the old laundromat space in Cook Street Village . . . possibly burger-centric?

All rumours right now. I'll let you know if any reliable sources confirm anything.