Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pig BBQ Joint | MacDaddy Burger Special


Pig's burger specials often walk a fine line between sinfully satisfying and just plain silly. The MacDaddy enters silly territory. Now normally if someone told me a Pig special was over-the-top, I'd simply dismiss them as a happy, well-rounded individual who doesn't need grease to hold together the shattered mess that is their self-esteem. In other words—a person who has no business eating this kind of food in the first place. So I'll understand if you don't trust me when I say this one is over-the-top.

Basically a variation of the PigMac; the MacDaddy adds pork belly and extremely generous doses of Pig sauce and honey mustard to the mac & cheese. It only takes half a bite to squirt an entire mac and cheese side-dish from the burger to your tray. Normally I would thank them for their generosity, but the glut of Pig sauce turns the mac and cheese into something somewhat revolting. Forgive me, but I like my mac and cheese to taste like cheese (I never did understand people who garnish with half a bottle of ketchup).

Hmmm, maybe I've touched on something here. Maybe this burger isn't over-the-top after all. Maybe removing the Pig sauce would make it okay. Or maybe it's even too much for those whose mental health depends on compulsive over-eating. *Sigh*, I guess you'll just have to judge for yourself the next time this puppy comes down the ol' Pig pipe.


Anonymous said...

Talk about over the top....a "Big Breakkie" Burger...weird...!/pages/Bambalam-Cafe-and-Lounge/221878171158562

Anonymous said...

You need to go into Veneto Tapa Lounge and try their Secret Burger... A Burger so good, they only serve it on fridays and saturdays after 9pm. I'd be really interested to hear your review on this burger as I think it is the best burger I have ever had.

dk said...

Fuck dude, thanks for the heads up. I'm really stoked for this now. The mini-burgers at Veneto are actually better than most regular burgers in town.

Anonymous said...

I just had the brisket burger with blue cheese at Pig BBQ Joint last week and it was one of the BEST burgers I've ever had. The Veneto ones are pretty good too, even their little sliders.