Saturday, June 4, 2011

More on "Undercooked" Meat and Law

This is a great post on where to get burgers cooked to order in Vancouver. There's also a robust conflab in the comments section re: law and serving burgers rare or medium rare. Consensus seems to be their is "no language in the books explicitly barring the serving of raw meat," but "each establishment needs to address the method preparation of any raw meat specifically in a written document that they have to submit to the health authority . . ."


YRS said...

Interesting issue. I suspect that red tape ("each establishment needs to address the method....") combined with fear of health-related legal trouble makes many burger vendors side with caution. I think another issue might be related to quality. High quality cuts beef from reputable sources are much safer to eat rare. I'm pretty sure most burgers in town are not fresh ground filet mignon sourced locally. The other night I had a fantastic burger at Brasserie l'ecole, and right away I knew this was higher quality beef. I was even slightly rare in the middle. It was a pleasant surprise. And at 18 bucks, it was worth every bite. Otherwise, you are right, no server/chef in Victoria or Vancouver ever asks how you like your burger. I've been asked this at high-end burger places outside of Canada, but never here in the CRD. I was in Portland a few month ago and had the pleasure of eating beef tartar, which was a rare treat (pun intended). I've never seen this dish on any menu in Victoria. This leads me to further suspect a cultural element to all of this.

dk said...

Wow, I'm surprised the price of that Brasserie burger has gone down three bucks.

Brasserie does their own grind. It's a sirloin/brisket mix (or at least it was when I had it) with a fat content of 35-40%.

I'm glad to hear it's still on their menu.

shokutsu said...

Thanks for the link back to our post on this pretty popular issue. Well, at least it is among our crew, and apparently your blog and readers too. :)

_Griphin_ said...

It really depends on whether or not a company properly trains their workers or not. Not everyone is a genius cook, remember.

Anonymous said...

This is 100% Wrong. Here is a link to Ontario Regulations clearly stating it is illegal to serve ground meat less than well done.

All provinces have similar regulations. You should really fact check your information first.