Saturday, June 18, 2011

Jackalope Bistro | 760A Yates Street | 778.430.5673 |

Apple Jackalope

The unwritten rules of food reviewing suggest thou shalt never review a restaurant that is less than a month old. That being being said, I'll try to keep this post more informational than critical.

Jackalope is a little square of a place located at the Yates Street entrance to what the punks of our fair city once referred to as "Piss Alley". You'd expect greasy drunk food in a place like this, but Jackalope is a tad cleaner than that.

All Jackalope burgers are made with buns bought fresh daily from Cobb's Bakery. The patty is formed from chuck which is bought from the grocery store (I'm guessing Market on Yates) and then ground in house. Eventually Jackalope plans to have a butcher grind their meat for them because the grinding operation takes up too much space in their tiny kitchen.

Adorned with Granny Smith apple, ranch dressing and cheddar cheese—this burger is at least unique. Ultimately, however, I think the patties here are better suited to the mustard and ketchup which is used on the Classic Jackalope. The patties retain a bit of juiciness (not sure what grind ratio is used here), but this burger is far from a gut-bomb. It's an interesting experiment, and Jackalope is off to an okay start, but a few tweaks are needed before they can be called a great local burger spot.

VERDICT: If we're lucky Jackalope will one day cement itself as the low-cost alternative to Pink Bicycle. They'll have to get through some growing pains first though.