Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pig Burger Special Roundup: Week Ending April 15th


My first experience with a downtown Pig burger special, and it's a bit of a fuck up. Luckily Pig is good enough to fuck up and still be enjoyable. The patty was clearly overcooked, but at least it was overcooked in that dad-forgot-to-check-the-barbecue kind of way that tweaks as much fondness as frustration.

The hot sauce gives this one a flavour similar to the Buffalo Buffalo mini-burgers which were served up at last year's Burger Bash. Mac and cheese and dill pickle? It works as a curiosity, but it's no triumph. Probably the least exciting Pig burger special I've had to date. Wasn't horrible though.

Rio Grande Burger

Based on the name, I was expecting this to be a Bobcat Bite clone, but it's something much different. The pulled pork is overkill—its texture and flavour smother the beef patty—but this was still a fun eat. A pretty fantastic substitution for self-worth. The green salsa was a simple, fresh highlight. Most of the toppings were corralled effectively enough by the bun, but I was left with a salsa, tortilla strip, cheese and pulled pork salad at the end of it all. That's ok. A bit of shrapnel on the plate just means you're having fun.

VERDICT: Pig Colwood is the pricier, better burger bet.


954 Burger Boi said...

Pig Mac looks like an awful lot of bread!


Usama bin Laden's ghost said...

"A pretty fantastic substitution for self-worth"


Anonymous said...

Make a Vic-Mac Burger (from the original Big-Mac)