Thursday, April 28, 2011

Jaws Be Yappin'

A lengthy conversation has started over at Reddit as to where the best burger in Victoria is. Most of the answers are predictable, though I am pretty surprised to see Paul's Motor Inn on the list. I haven't dined at Paul's in a good six years, but they easily had the worst food in town back then.

Can anyone confirm they've turned it around?

ps. Dear Reddit Users: A tuna tataki burger is not a burger. Neither is a vege burger. These are just sandwiches that look like burgers. Don't be fooled by false marketing!


Charlotte said...


Just wanted to say hello to a fellow Victorian! Despite the fact that I am a vegetarian, I heartily enjoy your reviews :)

I've recently been inspired to start my own blog,


David said...

Donald, I see in the new EAT magazine that Smoken Bones is doing burgers now. Maybe you're up for a visit? Once Pig opened, I turned away from Smoken Bones and never looked back (some good food, but the sides are lame, and compared to Pig, it's all overpriced), but maybe I should give them another shot...