Saturday, March 5, 2011

Christie's Carriage House Pub | 1739 Fort Street | 250.598.5333 |

Crunch Burger

Can we all agree adding chips to a sandwich makes it infinitely better? Toss some Doritos into a ham sandwich and you'll be whistlin' dixie for days. The same is generally true for burgers, although the chip/burger combo becomes much more enjoyable in a BBQ cookout setting.

Despite the lack of charcoal pits and styrofoam cups; the chip infusion is a welcome alteration to the Christie's "Classic" burger as well.

The rippled Lay's give this number a much needed second texture. Take them away and you've got a bun and burger patty that are similarily chewy, and almost indistinguishable from each other texture-wise.

If only they could make that patty stick out a little more: perhaps then this burger may tweak glittering recollections of past chip-sandwich glory. Sadly, as is, there just aren't enough levels of diversity in this baby to make it truly exciting.

VERDICT: Fond childhood memories not quite being teased out by this unit.


Carter said...

I've been having trouble convincing some people here about the awesomness of adding chips to sandwiches.

dk said...