Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sliders Cedar Hill | 3115 Cedar Hill Road | 250.595.2624 |

The Stampeder
(add $1.50 each for Cheese and Bacon)

I couldn't have expected less from this place. Oh I know that's unfair, but come on—3115 Cedar Hill Road has changed tenants more times than Disneyland has had parades. Turns out I'm the dick though—but you already knew that—cause Sliders ain't so bad.

Sure the cheese is melted into oblivion—to the point where it looks like the Toxic Avenger's face—and yah the bacon was a bit slouchy, but I still enjoyed this burger. The patty has a thin, griddled shell that contains a glut of Alberta Angus with just a touch of that Chinese-Canadian consistency I have become so familiar with. I'm sure others can't stand the gelatinous style of the Chinese-Canadian patty, but I've kinda grown to enjoy it. Perhaps these patties prey on my nationalistic side—they aren't quite right, but they seem to be unique to our country. It should also be pointed out that the patty at Sliders is not nearly as Jello-y as the one at Gathering Place. The fact Sliders gives a nod instead of a full-on head bang to the Chinese-Canadian style is what makes it kinda lovable despite its faults. Worth a look.

VERDICT: Whaddyaknow, they don't suck.

ps. I didn't order sliders, but from what I could see at other tables, Sliders was, just like every other place in Victoria, serving mini-burgers, not sliders. Few, that enough dismissive commas for you?


Anonymous said...

Can You tell me what a chinese-canadian style burger is? Because Im a little lost on your review.

Anonymous said...

Can You tell me what a chinese-canadian style burger is? Because Im a little lost on your review.

Dave B. said...

Ok, I don’t get this place. It was once “Fresh” (yet you’d be hard pressed to find anything fresh in it) that was a bakery/bistro. Now it’s “Sliders” and I’m confused if it’s supposed to be an eatery, bistro or sports bar? I’ve been going to this place since it was LaColina Bakery and have seen all of its changes over the years.

So I went for lunch the other day to try this latest incarnation. Let’s start with the d├ęcor/atmosphere. This place is a mix of all 3 previous places. I couldn’t tell what it was trying to be. It still had Italian styling and decorations, a few sports things up on the wall with lots of TVs everywhere and them some random art?? It looks like a Thrift store exploded inside. I even asked our waitress “What exactly are we going for here?”. She just rolled her eyes and laughed and went “Yeah, I know eh”. Just seems lazy to me. The glasses we got with our drinks had “Fresh” on them and even the bill at the end of the meal still had “Fresh” written on it. Notice to owner, quit being so damn lazy!

Food was ok, and we ordered some sliders. Now, for a place called “Sliders”, one might envision a menu with a plethora of slider options and combos. Not so much. You can choose from 3 different types of sliders (Beef, Lamb and Pulled Pork) but it even states that you can’t mix them up or have one of each!?!? Why not?? Why would this be so hard to do? You are called “Sliders” for crying out loud!! Your cook can only make mini burgers in 3’s??!? They should have an entire page of sliders and slider options, platters for the sports gang and mix and match options. I don’t get it other than the people running/owning this place are either lazy of just clueless. They are missing the boat completely guys!

That brings me to their huge sign out front that is painted with “OPEN”. Why oh why would you use the largest part of your signage to write “OPEN” on and then have the actual name of your business 5x smaller written half way down the sign?!?!? So you are open 24.hrs a day/7 days a week then or is your place called “Open”?!? Because if I drive by at 3am, your sign is telling everyone that you are “OPEN. I asked the waitress about this as well and I got the same smirk and answer. Good god man, one could do a much better job of setting up a restaurant by simply watching a few episodes of Restaurant Makeover!!! This place just creams lazy, clueless, floundering ownership.

If you’re a sports bar, BE as sports bar. If you’re a Bistro, BE a bistro! If you are always hosting Canuck games and call yourself “Sliders”, market your business to that!

The food was decent, but the disjointed atmosphere just screams lazy business owner and it’s sad as I think they could finally be onto something, but they seem to lack the knowledge, effort or insight to take this place to where it should be. Also that place used to have a very nice open kitchen and now it’s all closed up. One has to wonder why someone would go to the effort and expense to close up their kitchen…

Sorry “Fresh”, I mean “OPEN”, opps I mean “Sliders”, but you’re missing the boat to where you could be taking your business by taking the lazy route.

dk said...

The Gathering Place review pretty much explains what Chinese-Canadian style is. Basically it's a burger with a gelatanious texture.

Anonymous said...

I have no idea what you mean by they dont suck...that was one of the most tasteless and over cooked burgers I have ever had ! Do yourself a favor and go back to college cause being a food critic is not working out for you

Anonymous said...

You should start reviewing veggie burgers, they're tasty and lots of people eat em in Victoria. That and fish burgers, all valid types of burgers...