Saturday, January 1, 2011

Olympic View Golf Club | Forester's Bistro Bar | 643 Latoria Road | 250.474.3673

Olympic View Burger

There may be something here eventually, but at this point we're stuck with a burger that isn't fully realized. The AAA beef patty is like that kid who never goes to school, and is but a hen's tooth away from flunking out, but he draws really wicked pictures of naked ladies and wizards and shit. You know he's got talent, but dude just isn't trying hard enough.

The slightly underachieving patty is a real shame, because it's supporting cast isn't so bad. In fact if the cheddar/mozzarella cheese blend didn't taste so cheap, this would be a pretty good burger. Oh well, not everyone can be valedictorian right?

VERDICT: A few steps from true success.


Anonymous said...

i had this burger before and thought it was amazing! i couldn't move for the whole night which in my eyes means success

Silvio Berlusconi said...


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