Tuesday, December 7, 2010

John's Place Update

Received this in the comments a few days back from someone who I assume is connected to John's, though the post was anonymous:

"We have completely transformed our two burgers. One is stuffed with blue cheese and the other is real cheddar."

I'd say the first transformation has potential. I'll check it out eventually.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pig Fatty Melt

WOW is this a belated review. I ate this literally months ago, which is why I'll only make two comments:

First: Holy shit, tone down the toast here Pig. I mean seriously, Tom Sawyer could have travelled down the Mississippi on these rafts. The sandwiches in a Fatty Melt need to be small, lest the beef get completely lost.

Second: Adding banana peppers to the grilled cheese is a stroke of genius. Magnificent twist Pig. Kudos.

Pluto's | 1150 Cook Street | 250.385.4747

Beef Burger
add $1 each for cheese and bacon

What we have here is an anomaly: a diner that proudly advertises a lean burger. And not just any lean burger: a burger so lean that, even with a little pink, it still manages to be drier than dreads. You see, generally, the advantage of a burger with a little pink in it is the juiciness factor. Here, however, no such luck.

Back in 2004 a Times Colonist tasting panel rated Pluto's burgers as third best in the city (falling in behind Fairfield Fish and Chips and Milestones). Pluto's also received an honorable mention in the reader's choice write-in poll. I'm not prepared to give it the same ranking. The bun is a nice, soft number, but that's where the joy ends. The charbroiled patty is of average quality taste-wise, and lacks the juiciness, or the good accompanying condiment which would overcome the ho-hummery (just a smattering of mayo adorns the bun here). Other elements such as bacon and cheese are not memorable enough to mention. Like so many other burgers in Victoria, this one just isn't worth talking much about.

VERDICT: Not top ten, not bottom ten, not notable.