Thursday, November 18, 2010

Palagio Pizza | Frnt-2637 Quadra Street | 250.920.5550


add $1 for cheese
50¢ for onion ring

In terms of burger deals, it doesn't get much better than this, pricewise, in Victoria. There's the $6 burger and beer at the UVIC Grad Lounge on Mondays, but that's about all that comes close to touching this Palagio deal. $2 burgers at the sports bar on Quadra are long gone, and the $1 burgers from the defunct shop I can't remember the name of that was on Langley Street, are now no more than whispers on the wind. Of course the measure of a deal is more than price alone, so lets get into the real metrics of this Palagio offering.

The taste of the patty in this unit is hard to pick out upon first bite, but the texture sure isn't. What we have here is a sort of Frankenstein's monster, or maybe some other modern monster, I don't know, pick your favourite—it probably applies. What I mean to say is the texture and flavour is an odd hybrid of Harvey's and Chinese-Canadian burger styles: a little sausagey, a little gelatinous. I can't say it's all that appealing, but the flavour is so buried under everything else that it hardly matters in a burger this cheap.

The toasted white kaiser was surprisingly fresh, and certainly much appreciated. Adornments were your standard burger fare: shredded lettuce, tomato, burger pickles and mayo. The onion ring I added gave the burger a pleasant crunch, and probably saved it from being a little too drab. Overall a little weird, but not totally terrible.

VERDICT: They sure do give you a lot of fries. The burger, however, is not tasty enough to make this the incredible deal it would appear to be.

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