Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Blog Theme Song

I promise I'll post a new review again soon. Until then, here's some classic hillbilly music from Columbia Records.


Zeke said...


Yes, Johnny Hicks is awesome. But if you ever felt like stretching your ears, there are a surprising number of Hamburger Songs out there.

These are the ones I know about:
Anarchy Burger by The Vandals
Bloat On by Cheech Chong
Boogies by Todd Rundgren
Burger King Queen by The Queers
Burgers Fries by Charlie Pride
Carlos Rossi by E40
Charlie Dont Surf by The Clash
Cruisin For Burgers by Frank Zappa
Dirty Girl by Felt
Hamburger Concerto by Focus
Hamburger Hop by Johnny Hicks
Hamburger Midnight by Little Feat
Hamburger Train by Primus
He Ent To The Bog by Phish
I Make Hamburgers by The Whitlams
Kentucky Fried Blues by Nazareth
Living in the USA by Steve Miller
My Uncle by Roger Miller
Oprah Winfrey by Wesley Willis
Papa Burger by Civil Tones
Sheep Goats by Keith Green
Squarehead by Iggy Pop
These Burgers by Moldy Peaches
We Can Do This by Young MC
White Castle Blues by The Smithereens
X Ray Hamburger by The Network
The Clapping Song - Aaron Carter
Greasy Lesbian Hamburger Fight - Sublime
Hamburger Avenue - Polka Glocks
Raw Hamburger - Kool & The Gang
Say Hamburger - Redd Foxx
Cheeseburger Politics - The Aquabats
Cheeseburger in Paradise - Pickin' on Jimmy Buffet
Cheeseburger in Paradise - Carnival Steel Drum Collection
Here I Am - Lyle Lovett

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