Friday, October 8, 2010

JACK FM Burger Poll.

Just noticed this via the Good Food Blog. Stomping on Black Press territory; JACK has teamed with a bunch of, mostly pub-style, restaurants to set up a best-of-our-catchment-area burger poll.

Here's the list of contestants:

I haven't been to half of these places (Ric's, OJ's, Taphouse, Station House), but I think I can say with confidence that the best burger in the CRD isn't on this list. There are some good joints listed here though: namely Loghouse (I have faith, even though it's been two years since I last visited) and Spinnakers.

This is just round one, however, which hopefully means new challengers will appear in subsequent rounds (though I expect round two is more likely to be the round one list parred down).

The JACK site seems to be set up so only members of their fan club can vote in this poll. Judging by replies on their Facebook site; JACK listeners know zip zero about island burgers. Seriously, the first two replies mention the A&W vege burger and the Famous Shameless at Redd's Pub. Don't be surprised if McDonald's wins the poll as a write-in candidate.

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