Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Habitat Cafe | Grant Building | Royal Roads University | Colwood

Hatley Park Burger

Uggh. I'm so tired of burgers like this. Why do I even bother anymore? Why can every little league concession stand in the CRD pump out enjoyable burgers from cheap, pre-fab patties, yet no one else can? Also why does nearly every earthy-dearthy greeno-beano restaurant insist on using whole wheat buns. You're not fooling anyone anymore. There's nothing inherently earth-friendly about whole wheat buns. Also they are dry as fuck at least 95% of the time.

By now you can likely tell I wasn't sent into space by this burger. The bun:burger ratio is a boondoggle, as most of the other burger flavours are usurped by bready banality. Are there actually mushrooms on this thing? Could have fooled me, because you sure as hell can't taste them, and that's not because this is an expertly balanced product. The bacon? It has a texture akin to melted marbles. The patty itself is a below average pre-fab that is not particularly salty or sausagey (which most similar patties are). Salty and sausagey are not necessarily great qualities, but in patties such as these, they are often necessary, because without them there isn't much else.

This wasn't an inedible burger, and it wasn't among the ranks of the worst I've had; it was just lazy and boring. I've had some mediocre post-secondary cafe burgers, and this one from Royal Roads doesn't exactly buck the trend.

VERDICT: Higher learning=lesser food. It's a sad fact we intellectuals face.

ps. Apologies for the lack of updates lately. I've been a combination of busy/lazy, and that has resulted in the slow down. Also the only potentially interesting burgers left in town are lunch burgers, which I don't always have time to get to. I do hope to try Willie's Bakery and Mole soon. Also expect a review of the Palagio Pizza cheap-skate burger coming soon.

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