Monday, September 6, 2010

New Management at Willow's Galley

Received this message a couple days ago:

Hello burger bloggers,

I just wanted to take a second for a shameless plea to come try out the burger at Willows Galley in Estevan Villiage again. It`s been a while since you guys tried it out, we are under new management and I think things have improved since you were last here. The beef is from Slaters First class meats down the street and it is seasoned to perfection. We also use real cheese and no longer precook our burgers to be kept warm in a steam table for service.

Anyhoo,I know I`m not the first person to beg you for a visit it`s just that everytime I hear about your review I die a little inside. That`s all, no biggy.

Luke Roberts,
Manager - Willows Galley

I'll try and to a redux sometime in the next week or so.

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Happy_pats said...

Slaters Meats is awesome, its on Cadboro Bay Rd around the corner from my house. They know my face there now, so I get my custom hamburger mix without asking(70/30 chuck/short-rib/brisket using an extra large hole grind attachment, passed through twice). Last week, they said if I phone ahead they will throw in some bacon into the mix!!! I will try that soon.

Off-Topic; Luke, the "new" extra large deep fried oysters are f*cking phenominal. Seriously, we are hooked, will try your burger sometime, and my wifes daughter has a crush on you. heh.