Monday, August 23, 2010

White Spot Giveaway

Message to White Spot PR: Don't send promotional material via Purolator. I would have used this giveaway to help you promote Pirate Pak Day, which helps support Zajac Ranch, but I didn't get your package until today.

Purolator only makes ONE delivery attempt. Couriers deliver during the day, when normal people are either working, at school, or sleeping. I miss courier deliveries 100% of the time, and going to pick up packages in person is a pain in the ass. At least UPS lets you sign a little note saying, "Just leave that package in the bushes mang, I'll find it."

So yah, I wasn't able to pick up this exciting White Spot giveaway package until today, but I have it now, and you dear reader could benefit!

Here's what you have to do in order to win a $25 gift certificate and two coupons for free Pirate Paks: send me a picture depicting burger history in Victoria, or proof that you have donated to a B.C. charity in the last three months ( Most impressive example of one, or both of these things, wins the whole shebang, which will be sent to you via some method other than Purolator.

Get to it Prize Pigs! Picture or proof gets you free White Spot! Exclamation marks!

ps. Despite the frustration in not getting this in time to promote Pirate Pak Day, I would like to thank White Spot for providing the blog with this prize.


Anonymous said...

Ummm whats with white spot now charging $1.50 to add lettuce and tomato on a burger?!

Anonymous said...

Ah, but that's locally grown, organically raised, grain-fed lettuce and tomato we're talkin'!