Sunday, August 8, 2010

Random Roadtrip Burger Notes

A few places spotted while on vacation a couple weeks ago:

Beachside Burger in Greenwood, BC

A shack parked alongside highway 3, didn't actually get a close look at it. Didn't appear to be anywhere even remotely close to a beach.

3 and 93 Dairy Bar

At the junction of highway 3 and highway 93. Boasted "BC's Best Burgers". Somehow I find that hard to believe, but maybe I'll be back there someday to check it out.

Kokanee Cove Neighbourhood Pub (aka Moyie Pub in Moyie, BC)

For $10 you can get a burger made from steak trimmings ground in house. I tried to order one, but they were out. Lot's of old booze bottles scattered around the place as ornamentation. Pretty cool place really.

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