Friday, August 20, 2010

Pig BBQ Joint: Get in My Belly Burger

Get in My Belly Burger

The latest in a parade of great burgers to step out of the Pig kitchen; the GIMBB isn't the best I've had here, but it's still wonderful.

This burger appears to be a slight variation of the pork belly and egg burger Pig served as a special in July. The GIMBB is egg-free, but it keeps the pork belly and rests everything on a raft of beets and bread and butter pickles. This combo allows it to function as a sort of bizarro-world Aussie burger.

In place of the dijonaise that adorns many of Pig's burgers, the GIMBB has a sort of thin cheese sauce accented with creaaaaaaaaaammmy chunks of . . . I ate it so fast I wasn't even able to pinpoint the variety of cheese.

So not as good as the Beale Street Bully, or the Scramburglar, but still a worthy addition to the Pig stable. I ate this burger on Thursday, and it should be noted that the following day they also had a burger special (the Bacon and Blue Cheese). Two Pig burgers in one week?????????? EXCITING TIMES PEOPLE!

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