Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pig BBQ Joint | Colwood | #304 - 1913 Sooke Rd Colwood Corners Plaza | 250.590.8034 |


The peacocking of the kitchen crew sent my heart a flutter, "I think this is the best burger we've made." With those words I knew I had picked the right date to finally catch up with a Pig burger special. Yes, I'd tried before, but this was the first time I wasn't late to meet the little lady (and the first time I chose not to rely on a driver to bring me here).

Although I reached Pig little more than an hour after the tweet went live, I was fraught with anxiety. You see Pig burgers have a reputation. They sell out VERY QUICKLY (as Brendan will tell you later). I decided to order immediately, and I attacked this one with gusto—my meal being long finished before Brendan even arrived for our rendezvous.

I don't know how anything can be better than a Fatty Melt, but I imagine the kitchen was damn close to the mark when they made their boastful comments about the Scramburglar. This treasure is topped with scrambled eggs (with cheddar and banana peppers), onion straws, and Pig's signature sauce. The bottom bun is swamped in bread and butter pickles and a sort of dijon aioli (and not swamped in a bad way).

The patty is good quality meat that is not over-seasoned, but definitely has a flavour unique to Pig (mostly black pepper and . . . maybe a little paprika or something similar?). Not overly juicy, but enough juices are present to enhance the experience. Do the juices and all that sauce make the onion straws soppier than a used bathing suit? NOPE! The architect has done a good job here, 'cause they hold up nicely.

We were also lucky enough on this day to sample the new buns on show at Pig (supplied by Rising Star). These are WAYYYYYYY better than the weak-links they previously employed—we're talking chewy buns here people. Thank god they finally made this change, because it was long overdue. I expect the enjoyment of pulled pork sandwiches to improve by 47%.

I've said it before, and I'm sure I'll say it again: there is no other restaurant in Victoria pushing forward our burger culture the way Pig does. Not bad for a place that refuses to make burgers a regular menu item.


Nodding awake around noon today meant I could basically run right off to Pig today to meet Don. Pig had only been open a little over 2 hours, but he was certain the new Scramburgler would be a hot star on the menu, and with a limited amount, the cook shack might sell out before afternoon tea.

Well, Dons a burger prophet. Mine was the 6th or 7th one left. Yes; by 2:30 in the afternoon this creation would officially be deemed extinct (meaning it actually sold out closer to between 1:30 and 2:00). Luckily, that's just around my breakfast time.

Ok, so this burger is all over the place (in a good way). The bun is just big enough to hold everything in place at first, and it's not a small bun. The scrambled eggs with cheese are definitely my highlight here, as the headlining flavour. Falling all over the place like spongey goo; it might not be the prettiest thing, but I orally vacuumed this: the eyes weren't on it for too long.

The Scramburglar is balanced nicely with the pickles, tomato and sauce all adding a bit of sweet to the salty. The bun and patty are good, but they're taking a back seat in this one, while the onion straws add texture as pieces sneak out. Though it's a little steep for me price-wise—it's still got lotsa bang for its buck.

VERDICT: We have a winner.


Happy_pats said...

That looks fabulous!

Matt R. said...

Is that Rising Star as in Demitasse on Broad?

Shit they make good buns. I'm switching over to theirs next week with a menu change. Man burger time!

Braithewaite R. Thistletwitt III said...

I have to say, based on the photo, this burger looks to teeter on a thin line between utterly disgusting and burger delicioso. I guess I will have to try it to find out. But for me, I'm a less-is-more kinda burger guy. Burgers that look like leaning towers, with piles stuff piled inside... wonder if this almost defies burger logic, defeating the purpose. When do specialty burgers stop being burgers and start becoming franken-burgers or freaks of culinary nature?

Enjoying the blog. I had no idea of the range of burgers out there in Victoria alone!

Anonymous said...

Thats a heart attack on a plate. Looks delicious though. Some of the best burgers come from the Pig and others who smother on the toppings.
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Anonymous said...

The scramburgler looks ridiculously good, I hope my heart can hold up to this one.
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Airline Credit Cards said...

You should probably get your cholesterol taken before trying this monster, just my opinion.