Sunday, July 18, 2010

Best of the City 2010

Editor's Note: Thanks to Pedro for the quick response to my call for info on this.

Not much to report here—as the list is almost exactly the same as the 2009 version—but we'll give'er a run through anyhoo. Here's the Black Press list of best burgers in Victoria for 2010:

1) The Pink Bicycle
2) Red Robin
3) White Spot

So White Spot and Red Robin switch spots, and otherwise the list is exactly the same. It says a lot about burger culture in this city when our residents can only name one local business when trying to determine Victoria's top burger spot. The Pink Bicycle is essentially the only "burger joint" in town. Because, as a whole, other restaurants don't make burgers marquee menu items; The Bike is the first place to come to the mind of most residents.

This is to take nothing away from The Pink Bicycle, which on a good day makes one of the best burgers in town, it's just unfortunate they don't stand in better company on this list. I like Red Robin and White Spot as much as the next guy, and I'll admit Red Robin helps burger culture evolve, but there are better local restaurants.

I'm not sure it's fair at this point to list my picks for the best burgers in Victoria (because there are a number I have been alerted to recently that I haven't tried yet, and they could be top 5 contenders), but I can offer a couple of more specific lists. Here they are:

Restaurants that have made the best contributions to burger culture in Victoria
(in no particular order):

Pink Bicycle: As essentially the only dedicated "burger joint" in Victoria, they have upped the profile of this ubiquitous menu item in the Garden City. Their commitment to using island meats—and introducing exotic specials (kangaroo burgers... although maybe those don't quite fit the traditional definition of a burger)—has helped Victoria begin to catch up to other cities.

Pig BBQ Joint: The only place in the area to have ever served a Fatty Melt (to the best of my knowledge), and thus the only local venue keeping track of the more gluttonous side of burger culture.

• Hecklers Bar and Grill: As much as I hate monster burgers; they are a big part of burger culture. Before the Challenge Burger (or Matt's Burger) there wasn't one in Victoria. I can't stand burgers with buns the size of Galapagos turtle shells, but I have to give Heckler's credit for its contribution.

My current favourite burger bites:

Aura: Point Burger
Veneto: Mini Burgers
La Belle Patate: La Belle Burger
Pizza AllNite (our sponsor!): Burger with just about any pizza topping you desire


YRS said...

I never put much stock in these lists. I'd be very curious to know how much ad revenue Black Press received last year from Red Robin and White Spot.

Pink Bicycle seems like their token homage to a real, locally owned burger joint.

At the end of the day, the only list that counts is your own.

dk said...

None of the burger winners have ads in the Best of Guide. White Spot and Red Robin have both been in the top three on the Black Press list for at least the last three years running.

Best Of is voted on via an open ballot, and I don't doubt that the results accurately reflect the preferences of your average Black Press reader.

I don't know if they advertise with Black Press, but Orale has to spend more on advertising than any other Mexican restaurant, and they didn't make the Best Mexican list. They should have, but they didn't.

YRS said...

Well, that blows my conspiracy theory all to hell.

I don't read Black Press rags (save for Monday Mag) because they contain about 83% extraneous ad noise, about 10% news lifted off the wire and 7% original reporting, and that 7% original reporting reads like high school journalism.

I have never even seen or heard of their Best Of Guide. How can we be sure this isn't just one more elaborate advertorial?

I like most of your top burger picks.

And cheers on the Sooke tip above. I shall try it next time I'm out that way, but it's going to be hard for me not to go to my Sooke favourite, Mom's Cafe.

Anonymous said...

The mini burgers are some of the best around. I have a few friends that travel 45 minutes on the weekends to get these. They are a favorite among the locals too.
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Anonymous said...

I disagree, I think the Pink Robin is by far the best in City.
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Airline Credit Cards said...

The Whitespot is definitely the winner, I have been going there for years and the food is outstanding.

Desks for Bedrooms said...

I don't think that the White Spot gets enough credit until I read this, it is by FAR the best around.