Saturday, June 5, 2010

Spinnakers Redux

Highland Beef Burger

(add $2 each for bacon and cheese)

It's been about a year since I first sampled this superior pub burger, so last weekend I figured it was time to get reacquainted. I'm happy to say it still get's the job done.

I'm still not entirely sure the herbed foccacia is the best bun choice, but Spinnakers gets a lot of other little things right. Though it's likely exactly the same as what is used at Heron Rock (Hertel's); for some reason the bacon has a stronger flavour, and melds better with the burger at Spinnakers.

Something this burger does, that many others find impossible, is use ruffage exceptionally well. The greens are super fresh, and the pickled cabbage is an absolute revalation. The cabbage lends a sweet kiss to this burger that really makes it unique, and provides a more exciting flavour mix in the mouth. The texture of the beef might not be perfect (a smidge rubbery, as if it had been frozen, though I doubt this was the case), but this is a hard one to hate.

VERDICT: Attention given to the supporting cast pushes this one into the top tier of pub burgers in Victoria.

ps. Although Blossom Blue is my favourite cheese, I wouldn't recommend ordering it with this burger. It's great, but just a little too overpowering here.


morningaftershow said...

oh my, I want to live in a land made out of that burger!

Sam Reynolds said...

That burger looks delicious! Next time I'm in Victoria I'll be sure to stop by and try one.

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Evelina said...

This looks so yummy. I wonder if I can make a home-made version of this.