Sunday, June 13, 2010

Felicita's Pub | Student Union Building, UVIC | | 250.721.8626

$5.75 Wednesday Special (w/fries)
add $1 for cheese
$1.50 for bacon

Regular price burger w/fries: $7.25

A mostly flavourless bore from a place that has seen it's fair share of excitement over the years (what with people jumping off the roof and whatnot).

The grill marks on this pre-fab (likely frozen) charbroiled patty provide the only bold flavour distinction from the imposing bun in this unit. Even the bacon here is sadly devoid of any sort of salty goodness. You can tell there's some meat in this thing... but just barely. Not a terrible burger, just reaaaaallly realllllly boring—even with the glut of mayonnaise. Certainly nothing compared to the great, inexpensive pre-fab frozen burgers you can get at Pizza AllNite, or just about any local little league ballpark.

VERDICT: UVIC is certainly conducive to wild, drunken, earth-shattering parties; but its on-campus burgers lack the same raucous excitement.

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Desks for Bedrooms said...

I ate at this place everyday for a year, the food is outstanding. Glad I found this post.