Saturday, June 5, 2010

Burgers WILL NOT Become a Standard Menu Item at Pig

Went to Pig in Colwood today and was told that the burgers they have been serving up as specials will not end up on the static menu when the new downtown location opens (nor will they ever be on the static menu in Colwood). The reason for this being that, "If you you start selling burgers, all you sell is burgers," and that is obviously not what Pig wants to focus the majority of its energy on. I was assured, however, that burgers will be a more regular special when the downtown location opens. For now, keep checking Pig's twitter to find out when burgers are served in Colwood (it's generally once every two weeks or so).

On a completely unrelated note: holy fuck are Pig donuts incredible.

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YRS said...

Speaking of burgers not likely to become a standard menu item, I doubt this Aussie eatery will be serving up this one more than ounce:

SYDNEY, Australia (KGO) -- Two chefs at a small cafe down under cooked their way into the world record books!

They've created the world's largest hamburger. It weighs a total of 210 pounds beating the previous record of 185 pounds set in Michigan, set last September.

The monster burger took 24 hours to create and it consists of 162 pounds of ground beef, four pounds of lettuce, 16 tomatoes, 150 slices of cheese and more than a pound of barbeque sauce.

But it doesn't come cheap as it has a price tag of $815.

For video: