Thursday, June 3, 2010

B.C. Beef Day

Hot on the heels of National Hamburger Month and National Hamburger Day in the U.S. came B.C. Beef Day yesterday! I missed it, but the provincial government announced (right here in Victoria!) June 2nd as the first annual Beef Day. If you'd like to belatedly celebrate; Pizza AllNite, Spinnakers, Pink Bicycle, Canoe Club, Nourish Garden Cafe, Bistro Cache and Heron Rock Bistro all serve burgers made with B.C. Beef.

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Planman said...

I found out about Beef Day during the news last for dinner I set out to eat some BC Beef. I ended up at Pink Bike for the Blue Flame Burger...oh my, it was so tasty! I kept thinking of it the rest of the evening.

Thanks for posting the list of other spots serving BC Beef...I wasn't sure where else I coulda gone!