Friday, May 28, 2010

More New Victoria Restaurant Review Blogs

The local restaurant review blogs just keep sproutin' up all over the place. Your Restaurant Sucks started out with the mission of shitting on shitty restaurants, but has recently switched over to giving props to some of the better eateries in town.

Secondly its Ed Sum (of Nexus Newspaper and ghost-hunting fame) and his friend James' site Two Hungry Blokes. They just started a week ago, and already have three reviews up. The whole Asian/white guy thing gives them an almost live-action TC food blog vibe, but with more focus. Worth a read—especially if you're into sushi (Ed knows his sushi like fish know gills).

As far as the Burger Blog goes, here's what's coming up: I just quit my night job, so should soon have more time to check out some of the great Victoria lunch burgers that I have not yet become acquainted with.

...and in June I'm headed to Toronto to visit former co-conspirator Guy Alaimo. Look for some old-school style review postage in late June!

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