Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Connoisseur Catering | 2512 Bridge Street | 250.590.3911

Bison Burger

Editor's note: Please enjoy this recent review of Connoisseur Catering's Bison Burger from sporadic blog correspondent Ed Sum! Must say I'm surprised to see him rave so much about the quality of this bison burger over the one at Pink Bike, considering where they get their bison, but I will admit that is one tasty looking burger.
CC is serviced by Hill's Foods, which supplies Alberta raised bison.

Y'know, when one gets tired of eating beef all the time, what other choices are there? Heaven forbid that'll ever happen, but if I had a choice of either farm bred bovine, or wildly grazing buffalo—gimme the latter as a Sunday treat and I'll be in dining at Connoisseur Catering more often. Imagine my delight the first time I meandered down Bridge St. rather than sped down in my car. I had to do a double-take at the corner sign which brightly read: wild buffalo.

If I hadn't already had lunch, I'd have been in that catering shop tout suite. Two days later: part deux—I'm there. For $10, I'm very impressed with the amount of meat that is in this burger. With onions, lettuce, pickles, cheese and bacon; I loved very bite, and this eating excursion took my taste buds a bit of time to adjust to.

The burger was very good without it being fancied up. The company name had me wondering if I was to get more than just a gourmet burger. While the lettuce was kinda soggy, I didn't let that bother me as I snacked away. From eating one type of meat which is basically grain fed, to another which loves grass, the difference is easily tasted (for a brief moment the thought of Kobe beef came to mind). Gamey is hardly the word to use. I thought I was biting into a soft, meaty, hash. That texture, dripping with a mayo-like sauce, took a little getting used to. It was like these wild creatures got more than their fair share of running the range. They got the royal treatment of pedicures and shoulder rubs before being slaughtered.

I guess call me grass-roots, but I may very well stop eating beef altogether in favour for this meat instead. The way it was ground up and made into a burger was unique. Add on cheese and bacon (you have to ask for it as extras) and this burger was no wimp. I got my money's worth in sheer volume alone. Spectacular would mean having this burger with fries. I can only imagine what the chefs here would do if they weren't serving a usual crowd of men in construction hats. Pomme frites anyone? I'm not talking about the usual stuff you find at any pub. Thinly sliced frites drizzled in peanut oil, with a garlic mayo on the side and a dash of red pepper is a far better option than the Yankee french fry. With that combo, I'd be hitting this place on a regular basis for sure.

Now give me a home, right where these wild buffalo burgers roam and I'll definitely be grazing here more often. Forget about going to Pink Bicycle for their bison, I'm coming here instead! And show up early. They tend to sell out fast.

**** out of 5.

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