Monday, April 12, 2010

Burger Bash Vol. 2: A Journey to Joy

Our leader enjoys the first burger of the night.

Well the second annual Victoria Burger Blog Burger Bash has been and gone, and despite a minor snafu, the event was full of triumphant moments. The wilting tulips behind five of the original teams all backed out of competition at the last minute, leaving Team Stranglehold alone in the field. Thankfully Ed Sum and Eric Mueller stepped up to the plate to enter main course burgers for competition. Although Stranglehold were the only competitors to enter three courses, they did a masterful job of making this contest reflect the Burger Blog's unparalleled contributions to local burger culture. Thanks to Stranglehold, the other competitors, and all the friends and fans who showed up for this great event!

Big thanks as well to Pizza AllNite and the Little Piggy who provided prizes and critique! Thanks as well to Jimmy Nguyen who took some of these pictures.

Team Stranglehold's Buffalo Buffalo Mini-Burger: bison patty topped with Louisiana Buffalo Sauce, blue cheese, and bacon.

Another view of these beautiful mini-burgers.

These mini-burgers were the grandest innovation and triumph of the night. The Burgizza was outstanding, but these puppies are restaurant ready, mouth-watering morsels that could easily beat out many local pub offerings in terms of fun and flavour.

The Rise Strangler lurks behind celebrity judge Christabel Padmore of The Little Piggy.

The Mueller Burger: beef patty infused with onions.

Celebrity judges Christabel and Paddy Padmore.

Future Thisiswhyyourefat cover-boy "The Burgizza".

A 60/40 blend of beef and Italian sausage; stuffed with mozza, salami, and prosciutto. Topped with mushrooms and green olives; served on mini pizzas.

Ed Sum demonstrates the noble art of burg-gitsu. HA PUNS.

The Sum Burger grillin' in the pit.

The Sum Burger: garlic and chili pepper infused patty topped with avocado and housed in a cheese bun.

Team Stranglehold dessert burger: The Bacon Double Cheesecake! Two cheesecake patties, a layer of maple smoked bacon drizzled with maple syrup on a blueberry scone.

Burger bashers bashin' away.

Grand prize winners Team Stranglehold!

Team Stranglehold examine their new cast-iron frying pan!

Second prize winner Eric Mueller descends into a psychedelic maelstrom fueled by prizes from the Little Piggy (garlic mayo, chili paste and special relish!)

And the night ends with a gorgeous fire; symbolising the power and unpredictability of the Victoria Burger Blog!

Final Contest Standings:

1. Team Stranglehold (Ty and Glen)
(winners of $30 gift certificate from Pizza AllNite and a 12" cast-iron frying pan)

Buffalo Buffalo Mini-Burgers
Bacon Double Cheesecake

2. Eric Mueller
(winner of a condiment grab-bag from The Little Piggy)

Mueller Burger

3. Ed Sum

Sum Burger

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