Thursday, March 11, 2010

Victoria Burger Blog: Second Anniversary Burger Bash

The 2nd Annual Burger Bash is fast approaching and we are looking for contestants for the Great Burger-Off!

This year we are planning to make it a team competition, with details as follows:

-teams of 2-4
-must make 3 burgers (one slider/appetizer burger, one main course, and one dessert burger (anything goes for the dessert one pretty much)

There is no entry fee, but there will be prizes! In order to offset the costs involved in entering a team, I may be able to provide some beef to contestants, or set up a structure that allows contestants to charge non-judges a small fee (2 bucks?) to sample their entries. Of course contestants are always able to offer free samples as well. We will have a propane BBQ, and I suppose a stove-top so you can cast-iron griddle your burgs if you like.

So if you want in, let me know. Also feel free to give feedback. Dates and other info is TBA, but we are shooting for the first or second weekend of April, probably a Friday.

Thank you for your support,


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Anonymous said...

alright Donald! Its on like Donkey Kong. my man Dave is in so we'll enter Team Zone. We discussed our menu and we'll be test driving the main and maybe the dessert burger this weekend. The slider will take some time as I need to source a recipe.

all I ask, is that it is a Weekend afternoon ideally... I DJ nights on Friday and Saturday.