Monday, March 8, 2010

An Ode to The Jughead

Editor's Note: Ed Sum has written a eulogy for Sidney's Big Moo Ice Cream, and its Jughead Burger. Big Moo closed its doors a few months ago. Please enjoy this heartfelt tribute.

No trip to Sidney is complete without either a visit to Fish on 5th or Big Moo Ice Cream Company. While most people know Fish does nothing but seafood, it's a secret that Moo Ice Cream does more than just ice cream. It's the home of the Jughead Burger, and given its size, newbies to burger consumption would have their eyes bulging out.

Look at the size of that thing!

If Luke Skywalker's comment is not enough—and sexual jokes aside—this burger and Moo will be sorely missed. I last went up there a few weeks ago to check out the Sidney Museum and enjoy yet another burger, but alas, the place has closed shop and I thought I should at least pay tribute to a restaurant that I frequented with love, on and off, for the past ten years.

It'd be nice to hear that the company has simply moved, but in my online quest for further information came up short. Visit the Beacon Street storefront, and you'll find it empty with a for lease sign in front.

What I learned during this restaurant's time is that the chef actually experimented with new combinations in the burgers. With at least a 1/4 lb of tender beef in the simplest design; the Jughead was a dinner and a half (given the number of patties and the dressings piled on top).

There was nothing thin about it! It stood at least three inches high. The bun halves taking up about an inch of that, and with the patties in between, there was a lot to discover.

The bacon was crisp, and with a fair number of farms just up the hill and past the highway, I always had the perception that most of the ingredients were locally grown. This helped make their burgers stand out. I never tasted anything grocery fresh—it was more like farm fresh, and with custom made sauces—the difference is savoured.

There was no need to say supersize me when going to Moo's. They did it for you with their burger and fry meals.

While the cow has left the building to visit the slaughterhouse known as the recession, let's hope she'll come back to graze somewhere on Sidney's shores in a new form.

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Posting a review on somewhere that seems that seems great but is closed is very cruel =(