Monday, March 1, 2010

Nexus Food Stuff (Slightly Off Topic)

Nexus has asked me to alert you to some of the food-related content from their rag. So here's a Nando's review, and the most recent installment of "Worth the Trip". Speaking of WtT, when did this become battle of the food courts? Get out on the town Edmund. I know you have a car!


Ed said...

lol, WtT is supposed to be about nearby places for students to hit in between classes, not around town.

I save places 'round town for Quick Bites. :p

Trevor G. said...

Freebie Announcement!
Nando's is giving 1/4 chicken for free anytime. You don't have to buy anything either. You need the coupon (which is in their display box outside of the store); but it is completely free. AS far as I can tell, there is no expiration on the coupons as well. I had myself a cheap lunch today. $3 for a heap of fries and a big leg of extra hot chicken (stay away from the coleslaw as its very generic; rice is good though). Nando's is the tastiest fast food around as far as I'm concerned.

Trevor G. said...

Edit: The fires were extra. The chicken itself is free and you don't need to buy anything else.