Monday, February 22, 2010

John's Place | 723 Pandora Avenue | 250.389.0711 |

Beef Burger
(add $1.35 for cheese)

I'll make this one quick, cause this burger really isn't worth the time. We'll start with the positive: the bun is toasted to perfection. Once you get past the bun, however, things start sliding downhill.

About halfway through this lunch hour nosh, Auggie turned to me and asked for my thoughts. "How is it?" he queried. "Meh," was my reply. "Applebee's?" he asked? "Yep," I answered back. The Applebee's correlation applies mainly to the charbroiled patty in this unit. The beef used is obviously of lower quality (i.e. what you may find at an Applebee's or Denny's) and not enough is done to hide it.

The first bite of the fried onions hints at an uplifting sweetness, but subsequent nibbles reveal a faint mushiness. The "secret sauce" is about as secretive as a dead goat is a good date to a wedding: that is to say not at all. Think every special mayo you have ever encountered in a pub or family restaurant; not bad, but not able to save lacklustre beef. Finally the frisbee sized leaf of lettuce takes on the aura of an unwashed tea towel as it quickly soaks up grease. Much like the burger itself—this garnish is utterly superfluous.

VERDICT: John's is an extremely popular restaurant, and not without reason... but I bet no one's ever mentioned their burger to you right? Yah, there's a reason for that.


Matt R. said...

I had the Applebee's burger for the first time ever last week, and I can assure you it was not charbroiled, but rather griddled, which I really liked. It yields more of a crunchy exterior. The beef was of fair quality - nice and juicy, not too lean, and clearly hand shaped. I went for the peppercorn, which came with a nice crust of cracked pepper, A-1 steak sauce and onion straws. 7 out of 10, better than most!

I haven't been to John's Place in probably 8 years, but don't remember ever having a burger there.

dk said...

The Applebee's comparison has to do with quality of beef, not prep style. Sorry if that wasn't clear.

Anonymous said...

We have completely transformed our 2 burgers. 1 is stuffed with blue cheese and the other is real cheddar. could you do me a favour and comment on the new ones?