Friday, February 5, 2010

Fernwood Inn | 1320 Gladstone Avenue | 250.412.2001 |

Fernwood Burger
(add $3 for Applewood Cheddar and Double Smoked Bacon)

Apologies for this horrible cellphone pic.

It's nice to see such great strides have been taken since the last time I had a burger here. Two years ago the offering was completely banal; the riling nature of its boorish blahness only upstaged by the hideous beer prices at the time. Now I am happy to say, despite a few issues, this is a pretty pleasant burger.

The largest faux-pas in this package is a common one—bun:burger ratio. Though the ciabatta has the sort of pillowy nature I love, there is just too much of it. The thick, boxy bun casts a shadow over a tasty flame-grilled patty that is thankfully devoid of the kitchen-sink style spicing kitschery which is all-too common in other yuppie-friendly pubs.

The double-smoked bacon is not as bold in flavour as I expected, but is not necessarily slouchy either. It may have done more for this unit to have the bacon resting on top of cheese, as opposed to underneath (blending in with its smoky neighbour)—but texturally, the choice made by Fernwood Inn is a good one.

The smoked paprika aioli lends the unit a flavour almost akin to the Buffalo Burger at Fifth Street. It blends well with the theme kicked off by the smoked cheddar and bacon, without tasting to similar to its buddies. A smaller white squishy bun and some caramelized onions might push this burger into put-it-on-a-pillar status, but it ain't so bad as is either.

VERDICT: The bun isn't quite right, but this is pretty worthwhile otherwise.


Bren said...
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Bren said...

Have the beer prices gotten better? I keep thinking about giving the place a try but if I'm paying "Irish Times" prices for a beer I'll stick with the Bent Mast.

dk said...

Didn't even look at prices this time, but they're probably about the same.

Anonymous said...

I need to go to Fernwood to try the BLT at the cafe... but now I'll have to add the burger to the list of "reasons to go to Fernwood."

itunemp said...

Nice :=)

itunemp said...

nice :)