Friday, January 1, 2010

Sauce Restaurant and Lounge | 1245 Wharf Street | 250.382.8662 |

Sauce Burger
(add $1 each for smoked cheddar and double smoked bacon)

I thought I knew how I wanted to start this review—then I saw an ad for "The Girls of Sauce 2010 Calendar" on this restaurant's website and I got totally thrown for a loop. I was going to start this off with some sort of woebegone play-by-play of my New Year's Eve alone writing another silly burger review, but now I don't know what to do. Should I make some hacky "Hooters" joke? A tactless "puppy adoption" pun that will be totally hilarious cause funds raised from calendar sales go to Victoria Adoptables? Maybe I could just attack the hilarious "sexy/classy" glow-enhanced photo on Sauce's main page? Or should I just ignore the whole thing and just review this burger... yah let's do that...

The Sauce Burger is highlighted by a pub-sized AAA Alberta Angus beef patty that packs a cumin-y punch. My dining partner Jimmy thought the bun to burger ratio was a little out of whack, but I think the thickness of the patty overcame any slight lack of width that may have caused poor patty/bun interlacing. The strong cumin flavour that eminates from the patty is not something I have noticed in any previous burger outings, and actually works fairly well with the high-qaulity meat.

The problem is this burger is not built around that cumin flavour, and therefore is not as balanced as it could be. A condiment more complimentary to the flavour of the seasoned meat could be a great improvement over the thin swish of mayo that adorns the whole wheat kaiser. Other than that this is a pretty good bar burger: the cheese is melted to perfection, the bacon glistens in the candlelight like a fatty holy grail, and the bun is nice and soft. This is certainly a burger that's worth a look if you want something slightly different.

VERDICT: Room for improvement, but nothing to shake a stick at.